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New Self-Help Book Argues that Competitiveness Is Pro-Social

Dani Golden Discusses Her New Book LIFE. GAME ON! A Competitor’s Guide on the Andrea Kaye Show SAN DIEGO, CA – Dani Golden the Author of LIFE. GAME ON! A Competitor’s Guide set out to discover how her competitive nature could be used positively in her life. A competitive swimmer, Golden explains that competition with others can be positive to the group overall. Competition is ultimately about driving all the

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As a young swimmer, Dani Golden found it hard to grapple with the intense feelings of elation and frustration that her favorite sport evoked. Decades later – still swimming regularly – she began to write about her experiences with competition, in order to sort out the positive and negative aspects of her competitive nature. The result was a book, “Life. Game On! A Competitor’s Guide,” that looked at how the

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