Life Game On Book

life. GAME ON!

Promoting Healthy Competition

Who Is This Book For?

Life Game On, A Competitor’s Guide was written for the younger version of myself. When I was in my late 30’s I began noticing how competition had been a common theme throughout my life. It had both tormented and benefited me. I began to wonder what lessons I could learn if I went backwards and really looked at how competition had impacted my life. I also wanted to make better decisions moving forward and have a healthier relationship with how I viewed and behaved in a competitive world. 

They often say that if you can’t find the book you are looking for, write it. So here is my book on what I wish someone had told me when I was trying to forge my best path and had zero life experiences that I could use as my guide. What I also realized while I was writing this book, was that I was not only providing a guide for my younger self, but hopefully other young adults. I wanted to let people like me know that they are not alone in their feelings. Life is hard. When competition is added into the mix, the pressure we can place on ourselves to be “perfect” can feel unbearable and debilitating. But do not be discouraged.  There is a way to not only survive but thrive.  

How can we overcome obstacles in this game of life that we are destined to play?

Life can often feel like a competition. We compete with ourselves to be our best. Never settling, we find ourselves struggling with the game of life as we get lost in its puzzle and turned around in its maze. We lose sight of what we want and find ourselves focusing too much on others. Isn’t it time we stopped standing in the way of achieving our goals and delaying our dreams?

In “LIFE. GAME ON! A Competitor’s Guide,” Dani Golden shares the knowledge she has gained from her experiences to provide tools on how to better navigate the competitive landscape. Her goal is to encourage others to discover their passion and find their fun.